Church is brilliant! Think about it! A gathering of people from diverse backgrounds, at different stages of life, struggling with different doubts and fears, facing different trials and temptations. Yet united with one resolve – to know and serve God better… or simply looking in to find out more.

It’s easy to find yourself in a student “bubble” while at uni… even when it comes to church. While Christ Church seeks to serve you by putting on various student-specific groups midweek, Sunday is where we all come together from different walks of life, ages, and nations… to sing God’s praises and listen to God’s word, to encourage and serve one another, and to pray for our world and our needs. We are aware that we are very ordinary people with lots to learn and yet we have an extraordinary God and so we welcome everyone, whoever you are, wherever you have been, and whatever your previous Christian experience.

To serve the variety of people in Kensington, we currently offer a number of services that cater for different tastes and traditions…

Sunday 6pm Evening Service 

Our evening congregation is particularly aimed at students and young adults in west London. We meet each week to hear the Bible taught, to pray for our city, our country and our world, and to praise God together. Although the music is contemporary, we have a real desire to remain reverent in our worship. People gather from 5.30pm for tea, cakes and a chance to catch up and our service starts at 6pm. We would love you to join us one week.

Sunday 8.30am Holy Communion

When Christ Church was founded 160 years ago, it began with a 1662 Book of Common Prayer service and we continue in this rich tradition to this day. This congregation is nourished by the message of Scripture, as well as the profound words of the Prayer Book, together with receiving the Lord’s Supper each week. The service is traditional and reverent, and yet warm and alive.

Sunday 11am Morning Service

Our main family congregation meets for a service that manages to be traditionally Anglican and yet accessible to all, reverent and yet relaxed musically, formal and yet family friendly. We gather together each week to learn to worship God, to hear the Bible taught, to pray for our City, our country and our world, and to praise God with high quality music.

Sunday Lunches

Missing home? Fed up with halls? Missing being able to sit on a sofa… and eating home-cooked meals – in a proper home? Well, student lunches are a great chance to get all of that, bring a mate, enjoy cracking hospitality, meet more of the church family, bracing walks, board games, newspapers, you get the idea! A home from home… but we won’t do your laundry for you!!

You needn’t be a member of Christ Church to come for Sunday lunch, just a student in the area, contact Greg on for details