Most of Jesus’ recorded conversations revolved around questions: either from people to him or from him to them. For many, the asking of these questions led not only to robust understanding but to a much deeper and more life-embracing appreciation of him.

“Any Questions?” aims to give us a similar experience. Each week we address one big question. We hear a short talk explaining what the Bible says in answer. We have time to discuss the issue informally around tables. And then the floor is open to any questions.

You do not need to believe or know anything in particular to take part and you can ask your questions anonymously.

Come and join us, 6:45-7:30pm in the church building, as we explore life together.


Upcoming topics… 

Sunday 21 April | What can the Puritans teach us?
The Puritans are most often remembered as a group who shut down the theatres and cancelled Christmas. The journalist H. L. Menken famously described puritanism as ‘The haunting fear that someone, somewhere, may be happy.’ But is this characterisation accurate? What might be the value of listening to Christians from so many years ago? Join us as we discuss who these Puritans were, and what they can still teach us 400 years later about following Jesus.

Sunday 28 April | How do I get the most out of a sermon?

Sunday 5 May | What does the Bible say about dating?