I wonder what the word membership means to you, whether it is being a member of a church, a golf club or a society? Often membership suggests perks or privileges and, in many situations, membership means being served rather than serving and exercising rights rather than responsibilities.

The New Testament describes the church as like a body, made up of diverse parts that nonetheless depend on each other to function for the sake of the body. At Christ Church, therefore, we want to be a church family where we all have a role and we all play our part. We won’t all have the same gifts in the same way that a body is not only made up of eyes or ears; we’re not uniform but we must be united and interdependent to function as the church of the living God. So, we want to be united in Christ Church’s vision and goals and in our desire to exercise our God-given gifts for the good of others as we reach out with the good news of the gospel and as we seek to build one another up in Christ.

At Christ Church, we are nervous of serving being seen solely in terms of church rotas and jobs. We want to be a church family that helps one another to grow in knowing and loving the Lord and, as such, we want to be intentional about building relationships that help one another to live more wholeheartedly for the Lord despite the busyness of London life.

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