Our Vision and Beliefs

Centred on Christ

Jesus reveals a God who is amazing: gracious, generous, self-sacrificial, just and wise. He is entirely worthy of our trust and love, and to know him personally is the meaning of life.

Jesus has also done something amazing: he has won our forgiveness. None of us do trust or love God as we should and so we deserve to be condemned by him. But God sent Jesus to live the perfect life and then die on the cross to face that condemnation in our place. After three days Jesus rose again and he is now at work in the world, by his Spirit, gathering people back to his Father. Christ Church Kensington is a visible expression of his work.

So we want to be centred on him. We want to listen to him carefully, as he speaks to us through the Bible, and we want to connect him to every aspect of our lives.

Loving one another

Responding to Jesus means change: growing as individuals into his likeness and being knit together as his gathered people. As a church we embrace such change, even though it will be painful, and we are committed to helping one another through it: accepting, forgiving, walking with and praying for one another.

Practically this means that we talk about repentance and faith – always speaking in the first instance to ourselves – and want to learn to become more personal with one another. One way this often happens is through our various smaller groups.

Serving Kensington

Jesus gives to every church the mission of making disciples. So we want to be… 

  • accessible to all: a church where anyone can find a warm welcome and a vision for life led by God. 
  • servants to all: getting involved in practical and unglamorous ways to help people. 
  • messengers to all: giving people as many opportunities as possible to engage with Jesus’ message. 

More specifically...

We are a Church of England church, wholeheartedly standing in the tradition of the Anglican Reformation (summarised here, here and here), but we welcome into fellowship all who love Christ and submit conscientiously to his word.