Sunday Night Topics helps us consider how the good news about Jesus connects up to specific issues we face. SNTs will never be the last word on a topic, but they might help you as a first word, opening an issue up for further conversation.

Each week follows a similar format: a talk from the front, then discussion around tables, then open Q&A. You don’t need to believe anything in particular to take part and you can speak as little or as much as you like.


Coming Up

Sept 4th | Recovering from Covid: ways to grow your relationship with Christ
For many of us, the pandemic changed permanently the ways we work, rest and socialise. Through all this change, how can we ensure that we retain or regain our spiritual balance?

Sept 11th | Quarrels, fights and splits: how to be a peacemaker
In a culture dominated by social media, arguments abound – and sadly the church is often no haven. Jesus said, ‘Blessed are the peacemakers.’ What might be some principles or rules of engagement we can adopt?

Sept 18th | Why the Book of Common Prayer was brilliant
Written nearly 500 years ago, Archbishop Cranmer’s Book of Common Prayer still provides the basis both for what Church of England churches believe and for what they do when they meet. We are going to take time to understand Cranmer’s aims and how they can inform us today.

Sept 25th | Evidence for the Resurrection: How can we know that Jesus rose again?
Christians claim that after three days of being dead, Jesus became alive again as a physical body. And we believe we have the evidence to prove it – as much as any historical event can be proved. No leap of faith required – just a set of facts to take account of. 

Oct 2nd | Why do Christians sing?
When you come to church, do you find it strange that people sing? Do you feel self-conscious about singing yourself? Come and find out how what the Bible says might help.

Oct 9th | 4 things about God that will help you make the most of being a student
Come listen to a short talk that will help you connect the God that Jesus reveals to life as a student in London. After the talk we’ll have a discussion where you can share your thoughts and listen to recently graduated students share their perspectives and observations.