Sunday Night Topics helps us consider how the good news about Jesus connects up to specific issues we face. SNTs will never be the last word on a topic, but they might help you as a first word, opening an issue up for further conversation.

Each week follows a similar format: a talk from the front, then discussion around tables, then open Q&A. You don’t need to believe anything in particular to take part and you can speak as little or as much as you like.

Coming Up

8 Jan | The Spirit and Jesus
Who is the Holy Spirit? How does he relate to the Father and the Son? What does it mean to honour and worship him? And is there a danger that we neglect him, if we focus too much on Jesus?

15 Jan | The Spirit and the Christian
Jesus promises every Christian believer that he will come to live within us through his Holy Spirit. But what does the Holy Spirit do in the believer’s life and what practically does it mean to ‘keep in step with him’?

22 Jan | The Spirit and the Church
The Bible promises that Jesus gives to every believer spiritual gifts. What are they? What are they for? And to what extent should we seek them?

29 Jan | 121s
You may have picked up that lots of Christians choose, at some point in their life or another, to meet regularly with another believer to read the Bible together. Why do they do this? And how can they do it in a way that will be most helpful?

5 Feb | Transgenderism
Some of us may feel that our gender does not sit comfortably with the sex we were assigned at birth. How does Jesus call us to respond to that? And how can the rest of us best love, serve and relate to trans people?

12 Feb | Resting well

19 Feb | Your mind matters

26 Feb | Ideas for loving our neighbours well

5 March | Genesis Q&A