God calls us to a life not conformed to the expectations of the world around us but transformed by his mercy. It is a life now lived 100% in worship of him. But what will such a life look like? Join us as Romans 12-15 describes for us a new connection to others, a new sense of purpose, and a new power to both love and collaborate with the people we find most difficult.

When we meet

On Sundays we meet at 11am and 5pm. Our expectation is that, every time we meet, God will speak into our lives as the Bible is taught and we learn from one another, changing us for good.

Both our services hear the same sermon and both draw together a range of ages and backgrounds, so we invite you to try whichever service time suits you better. We aim for our time together to be rooted in the rich heritage of the Church of England while at the same time being easy to follow even for those who have never been to church before. 

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