The blueprint: God’s plan for life, work, sex and the environment | Genesis 1–2 | 8 January–5 March



Who am I? Why am I here? Many of us have tried to devise our own answers and found it harder than we expected. The Bible says that only the God who made us can answer these questions in a way that really works. And in Genesis 1–2 he does so. A deep understanding of these chapters cannot make our lives whole, but it can at least show us what ‘whole’ is.Join us as we go back to the beginning.

When we meet

On Sundays we meet at 11am and 5pm. Every time we meet our expectation is that, as the Bible is taught and we learn from one another, God will speak into our lives, changing us for ever and for good.

Both our services are rooted in the rich heritage of the Church of England. They draw people of all ages and from all over the world. And they will help anyone to encounter the good news of Jesus.

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