The Change that Jesus brings | Mark 1-3

Mark’s Gospel is the earliest account of Jesus’ life. Writing to followers of Jesus facing intense pressure, Mark’s aim is to enable them to share the message about Jesus openly, joyfully and fearlessly.

Our series in Mark 1-3 will show us two things about Jesus and in particular about the power he wields.

First, Jesus’ power is beautiful: not grasped but given to him, and used to bring us cleansing, forgiveness, acceptance, joy, satisfaction and wholeness. Jesus is the Lord of the Sabbath – the only one who can bring rest to our souls.

But there is a second thing we need to grasp about Jesus’ power. It is essentially disruptive. We will often find that his cleansing, forgiveness, etc initiate more changes for us than we are immediately comfortable with. And what we discover in this section of Mark’s Gospel is that either we accept Jesus and all the changes that he brings or, by rejecting those changes, we reject him.

The beautiful and disruptive power of Jesus. And it’s reckoning on these things that increasingly frees us up to live and speak for him.

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