Small Groups

Our Bible studies are at the heart of our church family life. They are a great way to dig deeper into God's word, and to encourage one another to put it into practice.

Going to church can often feel awkward: Who will we know? How can we serve? Small group Bible studies at Christ Church are a great way to get to know God better as we dig deeper into God’s word. They also help us to get to know and care for one another better and to help one another prayerfully to chew over what it means for us in practice day by day.
Following in Jesus’ footsteps, therefore, is costly but wonderful. We’d love for you to join us as we strive side-by-side to answer this call!

In all the busyness and rush of London life, we need the support and fellowship of a church family. We long to be a family where every member will be encouraged in their relationship with God through the teaching of his word, and the genuine loving care of his people.