Small Groups

Christianity is all about Jesus Christ. What he has done for us is amazing but we need help to connect it to the details of our lives. This is what small groups do.

In a weekly small group we get to know a few people in church better and look at the Bible with them. Everyone is there to learn from each other, as we explore what Jesus is saying and how it can make a difference to each of us in our particular circumstances. These groups are one of the primary ways we care for those who call Christ Church
their church. 

We have a number of groups ranging from 6 to 12 people that meet in different houses and in the church building during the week. You are welcome to try a group out, whatever you believe.

If you would like to join a group then get in contact with Rich Powell:

7.45pm for a meal, 8.15pm for the study, ends at 9.15pm
 9 Eldon RoadMixed group led by Brian & Alice
7.15pm for a meal, 8pm for the study, ends at 9.15pm
Church variousMixed groups led by:
Sam & Pippa
Ryan & Charissa
Felipe & Winnie
Student groups led by:
Matt & Kitty
Matthew & Izzie
7.15am for croissants, 7.30am for the study, ends at 8.15am
Church (downstairs)Men’s group led by Brian
10.15am for coffee, 10.45am for the study, ends at 12.15pm
A home near churchWomen’s groups led by:
Sarah & Pippa
Breanna & Georgy
6pm for the study, ends at 7pm 
Church or a home near churchStudent group led by Tristan